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    The Doors: “Riders On The Storm” can’t be loaded: The Doors – Riders On The Storm (ORIGINAL!) – driving with Jim ( The song can be seen as an autobiographical account of Morrison’s life: he considered himself a “Rider on the storm.” The “killer on the road” is a reference to a screenplay he wrote called The Hitchhiker (An […]

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    The Birth of the “Peanuts” Gang

    “On this day in 1950, America was introduced to the Peanuts gang, Charles M. Schulzs comic strip focusing on the life of a pint-sized, good-natured kid named Charlie Brown, his friends Shermy and Patty, and his beagle, Snoopy. In honor of the lovable strips anniversary, DYR brings you a few facts you probably didn’t know […]

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    American Motors Corporation

    “Gremlin. Pacer. Hornet. Rambler. Marlin. Ambassador. Javelin. Matador. And of course, the JEEP. These were names more befitting a superhero sidekick than an automobile, but that was part of the American Motors Corporation (AMC) charm. Sure, AMC had been around in one form or another for decades, and even though they owned JEEP, it wasn’t […]