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    “Dynamite” TV Catchphrases That You’ll Never Forget

    Growing up in a suburban home, my family would gather by the television nightly to watch our favorite TV shows, which we followed almost religiously. Back then, television had a bunch of wise marketing techniques in order to receive more views including merchandise such as tee-shirts and posters and cliff hangers to make the audience want […]

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    Decades Later, We Still Love Lucy

    Lucille Ball, one of TV’s earliest and zaniest madwomen, appeared on the highly rated I Love Lucy show from 1951 to 1957. Cast as the wife of the sophisticated Tropicana Club bandleader Ricky Ricardo, Lucy was the madcap redhead whose aspirations to be a star in her own right inevitably landed her in hot water. […]

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    Lucy and Ethel: The Dynamic Duo from ‘I Love Lucy’

    Vivian Vance plays Ethel Mertz, the sidekick and best friend to Lucille Ball on I Love Lucy. The show was the most-watched tv show in the United States for four of its six seasons. At first, Lucille Ball did not want Vivian Vance to play the part. Apparently, Vance was prettier and younger than Ball […]