Seeing These Items Will Make You Want To Be Young Again

Take a take a trip down memory lane by remembering these essential items that kept us cool when we were young.

Good old nostalgia always has the same outcome. Whenever I see these I am always reminded of playing with that slinky, having a mad crush on Olivia Newton-John, writing down pretend conversations with a prospective girlfriend, toying with the idea of an afro and also having these essential items in my life …….!


Fortune Tellers

Fortune Teller via Retro Magazine


These were always able to predict our future!


Fruit Stripes

Mom always got mad whenever I ate the whole pack in one go!




Quik via Retro Magazine


Always get the chocolate flavor!


Tumblers via Etsy


 Grandma always had these at her house!


Ice Trays

Ice trays via Etsy


 To think these were once made of metal!



Klackers via Pinterest


 What a dangerous little toy!


Sample Avon Lipstick Kit

Avon Samples via Media Cache


 My mother was an Avon lady, she was always giving samples out.



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