DoYouRemember The Bobbsey Twins?

The books you read as a kid never really hold up on closer inspection. The stories seem quaint, cute, and frankly made for children. But for those who love to read the connection to your first books are stronger than most of the novels you read later on in life.

Some kids read Dick and Jane, but growing up I read the Bobbsey Twins. I got my first set of Bobbsey books as a hand me down gift from one of my cousin. It was a set of 7 hardcover books he’d barely touched. I quickly tore through all seven, and anxiously asked my parents for more copies. They were jubilant that something other than TV kept me entertained for hours.

Before I knew it my collection had swelled way beyond the limits of what my tiny shelf could hold. The twins helped me fall in love with reading, and set-off a lifetime obsession with books.

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  1. 1) Of course they are childish books, they were written for children.
    2) Dick and Jane were required school text books.
    3) It’s “Hand me Down” not “hammy down”
    4) Books cannot be jubilant that is a HUMAN emotion.

    In your case clearly the bulb is burned and nobody’s home!

    • The reference to jubilance was geared towards the parents reaction, not the book itself. Sorry if that wasn’t being made clear. That said, Dick and Jane may have been required for you but it was not for the writer.

  2. Loved the Bobbsey Twins. My mom’s set was at my grandmother’s house & I read hers. When I finished her set, I was given the books that came out later. They have been lost through many moves, but bring back happy memories. Mom is now 95–i’m 75.

  3. My third grade teacher introduced me to the Bobbsey Twins back in the mid 70s and I have loved them ever since. I still have my books from when I was a little kid and I found a few at an antique store a few years back that I scooped up. I was disappointed as I got older kids my age didn’t know about them and more disappointed I can’t get my boys interested in them. I still pull mine out and retread them. A few of my favorites are The Bobbsey twins of Lakeport, The Talking Fox Mystery, Dr. Funnybone’s Secret, and The Bobbsey Twins on a Houseboat. I read the history of the series and it was very interesting. I didn’t know the series was so old or was continued until the 1990s or that there were so many authors who wrote the stories. I also found several titles for free in iBooks so now I am reading titles I’ve never read before!