Jumpsuits: Style and Comfort Rolled into One


It’s commonly known in the fashion industry that stylish and comfortable rarely go hand in hand. It’s also very commonly known that those things you used to think were stylish and comfortable well, let’s just say when you look back on them, you start questioning the stylish part and start wondering just what in the world you were thinking putting that on.

These jumpsuit originally started showing up in stores as active wear, but soon avid dancers (myself included, I am so sorry to say) began wearing them as clubbing attire. They nearly always had wide-flared legs and were especially fun if they included a dramatic collar, especially one that included ruffles or lace or if they tied up into a halter top. For a more sensible ensemble, I would pair the romper kind (those that looked like overalls) with a turtle neck. Bad enough that we ladies were sporting these, they were also available and even more ridiculous on men. What were some of your favorite dancing outfits?

What do you think?